Caption: My drawing of me saying hello in all of the languages I know. Except that in most of them hello is the only word I know, and I didn’t even write it in Chinese: that was one of my friends. 

Hi! I’m Ivy, your typical small-town American tenth grade student. Because I spend most of my hours bubbling in little circles with a number two pencil, I’m going to introduce myself with a multiple choice question:


You should read this blog for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

a) I think that I’m highly entertaining and I’ll tell you stories about high school and life, not necessarily in that order. I’ll try to make it interesting for you all as well.

b) I’m a 3rd degree black belt, so I can beat you up if you don’t.

c) I play the defensive position in field hockey for my school.

d) I ballroom dance and hope someday to go to a competition, even though they cost a lot of money.

e) It’s a lot easier to procrastinate when it feels like someone else is actually going to read it.


I’m not actually going to tell you what’s the right answer (see? There’s reason number…5!) although I will tell you it’s not “a” or “e”.  I guess if you want to find out you have to stick with me *insert shameless self promotion here*, but if you think you know comment and I might even tell you if you’re right….


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